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Adult Incontinence

Preference incontinence pads have a shaped design for maximum comfort and fit. They offer a range of absorbency levels, elastic leg cuffs, acquisition layer, and a soft top sheet. The attractive packaging provides good shelf presence or we can private label your brand. Private label programs can be custom designed to hit your desired absorbency levels and package counts.

Available Products:

  • Preference Overnight Protection Pads
  • Preference Ultimate Protection Pads
  • Preference Extra Protection Pads
  • Preference Booster Liners

Feminine Hygiene

Health Care Products offers sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons. Products are available with different design features and absorbancy levels. Whether you are looking for a national brand equivalent or a good quality product for the dollar market, we manufacture a variety of products for various markets and needs.

Preference Brand: Preference brand is our national brand equivalent. Preference offers a full line of feminine hygiene products and light incontinence pads.
Julie Brand: The Julie brand is a dollar market brand that offers a full line of products. The Julie brand includes panty shields, regular, super, and overnight pads, and even the only bladder pad in the dollar market.
Self Brand: The Self brand is a very popular brand in the dollar markets.

Institutional Products

Health Care Products maintains an inventory of products designed for the institutional market. Many of our items are the preferred choice by state and federal prisons. We offer products in bulk or packaged in clear bags to meet institution specifications.

Our Most Requested Products:

  • Regular Maxi bulk packed
  • Regular Maxi in clear bags
  • Regular Maxi with wings in clear bags
  • Super Maxi bulk packed
  • Regular Tampons with Cardboard Applicators

We Also Offer:

  • Regular Maxi with Wings
  • Super Maxi with Wings
  • Overnight Maxi with or without Wings
  • Super Tampons with Cardboard Applicators

If we don't carry the package or case count you need, please let us know. We may be able to add it to our long list of institutional products.

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